Funeral for slain Raising Cane's manager set for today in Metairie

Funeral for slain Raising Cane's manager set for today in Metairie

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Family and friends get ready to say their final goodbyes to a 21-year-old Raising Cane's manager who was murdered during an armed robbery last week.

The funeral for Taylor Friloux will be held today at the Garden of Memories in Metairie.

Meanwhile, police are still searching for a fifth suspect involved in the armed robbery that led to her murder.

Friloux died last Wednesday after being stabbed during an armed robbery at the Raising Cane's on Williams Boulevard in Kenner.

So far, Kenner police have arrested four suspects in the case and they are still looking for one other person.

Joshua Every, 23, was the first man arrested in the case. Police say he was with Gregory Donald, Jr., 18, when he held Friloux and another employee at knife point as they were taking out the trash.

Investigators say Every stabbed Friloux once outside the restaurant and then forced her and the other employee back inside.

They say every later stabbed Friloux several more times as she lay on the floor after collapsing from the initial stab wound.

Police also arrested Mark Crocklen, Jr. who is accused of driving the getaway vehicle and Ariana Yanni Runner, 22, who they think actively recruited people for the robbery.

Kenner police say say Every worked with Friloux at the restaurant months ago, now they're investigating Friloux's death as a possible hate crime.

Fox 8 legal analyst Joe Raspanti spoke about what that means for the first suspect arrested in this case.

"If they intend to charge him with a hate crime, that means that he did a certain felony or misdemeanor like a batter or in this case a murder which falls into that category, against a certain class of gender, race, creed, ethnicity," Raspanti said.

Raspanti said conviction on a hate crime-related charge will add an additional five years to the sentence.

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