Baton Rouge faith leaders seek answers after the shooting of Alton Sterling

Baton Rouge faith leaders seek answers after the shooting of Alton Sterling

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Some members of the faith based community in Baton Rouge want answers. Local pastors and ministers gathered today to call for a broader investigation into the shooting death of Alton Sterling.

The group gathered here at the Wesley United Methodist church to say they want more than just the federal government looking into what happened to Sterling. They want local authorities to get involved too.

The group expects officials to consider the possibility that any state or local laws may have been violated and if so to make recommendations to the District Attorney that he take the appropriate actions.

Yesterday governor John Bel Edwards said he reached out to the U.S. department of Justice to take over the investigation after seeing the video of what happened to Alton Sterling.

Sterling was shot and killed after two Baton Rouge police officers tackled him to the ground and yelled that he had a gun. This all happened outside the Triple S Food Mart. Those officers – Howie Lake II and Blane Salamoni -- have been placed on administrative leave.

The local leaders today say Sterling's death is motivating them to seek better police practices. They say they've brought their concerns to the governor.

Meanwhile supporters of Sterling, some people he knew, others, strangers, continue to show up outside the convenience store where he was killed.

Those protests have all been peaceful thus far. Something city leaders and the faith based community called for.

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