Alton Sterling's son calls for peaceful protests, as attorneys call for fairness

Alton Sterling's son calls for peaceful protests, as attorneys call for fairness

On the same day Alton Sterling's son Cameron called for non-violence in protests supporting his father, attorney's called for fairness.
"The only thing that needs to be judged is what you saw on the video tape. Leave the man's past alone," said attorney L. Chris Stewart.

He's emotional as he talks about Alton Sterling's past police record being publicized.

"What we've seen recently is biggest character assassination attempts. All  you read about is his criminal record, what he did ten years ago. what he did eight  years ago. But, are we getting the same fairness with background of these officers?" Stewart said.

Alton Sterling's son was next to attorney's, speaking for the first time since his dad's death.

"My father was a good man, that was a sacrifice to show everyone what was going on in life."

One week ago Cameron Sterling cried at the shock of losing his father. A day after sterling's shooting, motorist Philando Castile was shot to death near St. Paul Minnesota during a traffic stop. The two police shooting led to protests. Some became violent.

"We had 21 police officers last night that were injured as a result of rocks, bottles, rebar, Molotov cocktails, and other items that were thrown at our public servants. I just can't believe that this occurred.  this is something that just doesn't happen in st. Paul," said Chief Todd Axtell of the St. Paul Minnesota Police Department.

Cameron Sterling made an appeal for peace.

"Yes, You can protest, but I want everyone to protest the right way. Protest in peace,  not guns,  not drugs not alcohol,  not violence. Protest the right way with peace," the 15 year old said.

In the midst of all the demonstrations, our sister station in Baton Rouge uncovered a 2009 arrest of Alton Sterling. The report states a scuffle with officers and a gun fell from Sterling's waist band. Sterling pleaded guilty to the illegal carrying of a weapon with a controlled dangerous substance. In July 2011, he was sentenced to five years in prison. He served that time until making parole in December 2013.

"Officers in that conflict arrested him. They didn't sit on top of him while they were nailed down and shooting him because those were good cops that followed procedure," Stewart said.

Attorneys ask for fairness for Sterling's family as the case moves forward.

"People actually want change. People want fairness it's difficult to see when you don't have to experience the same thing," Stewart said.

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