NOPD investigating links between Lakeview, Algiers, 7th Ward armed robberies

NOPD investigating links between Lakeview, Algiers, 7th Ward armed robberies

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Investigators with the New Orleans Police Department want to know whether people involved in Lakeview's holdup have ties to armed robberies in the 7th Ward and Algiers.

In the 7th ward case, four robbers targeted people sitting on a porch near the intersection of Allen and in North Roman Streets.

New Orleans police are investigating whether a rifle-toting robber, who held up a Shell station in Algiers, Monday night, is the same man who terrorized Lakeview Harbor, and a 7th Ward block Tuesday night.

"It's horrifying because we have kids in the neighborhood," said one witness, who has been living in the 1800 block of Allen for over a year. "But last night around 9 o'clock, he witnessed something he'd never seen before."
" You can come sit out here at night all night long, and have no problem," said another resident. "They were intent on trying to shoot somebody."

An armed group consisting of three men, and one woman, believed to be  in their late teens, attempting to rob a neighbor.

"One of the gentlemen was holding what looked like a .22 rifle, and somebody else was talking to my neighbor with a pistol in his hand," said a resident.

The resident wasn't taking any chances.

"I gave them a wide berth, because if there was any gun play I didn't want my wife involved," said the witness.

Troubled residents say the holdup attempt was especially frustrating because the people who live in this block have so very little to give.

"They're broke just like we are," said the witness.

The robbers were seen fleeing in a tan colored mid-90's Chevrolet Suburban.

"I really hope you can get this out, because they are a menace, and out to hurt somebody," said the witness.

"Just the feeling I got...ex marine..Bosnia, and the feeling I got was this person was intent on taking it back by force," said the witness.

Police say the main suspect is an 18-to-19 year old black male with a light complexion. They say he's about six feet tall, weighs 145 pounds and was wearing a black hoodie and beige pants.

If you know anything, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

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