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Cameron Sterling to attend town hall meeting with President Obama

Cameron Sterling: Courtesy: Cameron Sterling: Courtesy:

The son of a man shot by Baton Rouge police last week will attend a town hall meeting with President Barack Obama tonight, according to Sterling family attorneys.

Cameron Sterling, son of Alton Sterling, who will participate in a town hall meeting that will be attended by the president.

It is expected that Cameron Sterling will interact with Obama during the televised event. Reports say Sterling will ask Obama a question during the broadcast.

Alton Sterling was shot to death by Baton Rouge police after they responded to a call about a man with a gun.

The shooting, captured on cell phone video, sparked nationwide protests over excessive use of force by police.

The death of Sterling at the hands of police was followed the next day by the shooting of Philando Castille by police in Minnesota.

The next day a sniper opened fire on police in Dallas as they were providing security for a Black Lives Matter protest.

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