Second Harvest Food Bank, Emeril Lagasse Foundation celebrate serving 1 million meals

Second Harvest Food Bank, Emeril Lagasse Foundation celebrate serving 1 million meals

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Dozens of volunteers showed up to the Community Kitchen at The Second Harvest Food Bank in Elmwood, to help The Emeril Lagasse Foundation and the food bank reach an important milestone: Serving up the 1 millionth meal.

Brian Kish, CEO of the Emeril Lagasse Foundation told Fox8 "If a kid is hungry or they don't have the nutrition they need, how are they going to be successful, how are they going to grow how are they going to plan, how are they going to be able to do those things, so at it's simplistic core it's about putting healthy food into a body.

The millionth meal featured chicken parmesan, mixed vegetables and bread. It went to one of 61 summer feeding sites, where kids who may not get a balanced meal every day, can get the nutrition they need.

Since 2010 the Emeril Lagasse foundation has been sponsoring meals for Second Harvest, and today volunteers from all over the community came to be a part of the special day. Some say they wouldn't have it any other way.

Phillip Hardy, a volunteer heading to college told Fox8: "We get to go home every day knowing we helped thousands of people get something to eat, and the statistics are all over the place here, and we know that we contribute to those numbers, and each one represents someone who went home with a meal that day."

Another volunteer named Resan Abunaser said: "I always think like there's a child there who doesn't have food so I know I helped, like I was able to do something to help them eat."

Volunteer Kalyn Celestine said the program was the perfect opportunity for her to help.

"My school needed service hours and I figure if the kids need food," Celestine said. "I don't have anything to do I can just come and help."

The organizations say they're already looking forward to the second million. They expect to reach that goal by 2018.

You can visit to find out how to become a volunteer.

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