What to do if you get pulled over: Lessons from a driving instructor

What to do if you get pulled over: Lessons from a driving instructor

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - What do you do when police pull you over? A local driving school says the answers are part of their curriculum. New Orleans Safe Driving School gives students information to stay safe on traffic stops. Devin Jones, 21, is still learning the basics behind the wheel and is close to getting his license.

"And I hope to God I never have to get pulled over," he said.

Jones saw parts of Minnesota motorist Philando Castile's traffic stop, a worst case scenario. He says driving school instructors trained him on what to do.

"Yes ma'am, no sir, yes sir, just be polite to them. Treat them how they want to be treated," he said.

To graduate from the driving school it takes 30 hours of instruction and eight hours of road tests and also a lesson in dealing with authority.

Jermaine Carney teaches classes here.

"We tell students you want to keep your hands visible, whether it's on the steering wheel or whether it's on the dashboard, or whether you decide to put them outside the window. You want to keep if visible until officers tell you anything different," Carney said.

Chapter six, page 86 of the Louisiana Driver's Guide lays it out in a section entitled "Police Officers."

"I would wait until the officer asked for identification," he said.

Here's another take on it, from country music singer Coffey Anderson.

"You have to have your ID pulled out when the cop gets there because if you're reaching down as he walks up you could be pulling a weapon which could compromise his safety,"

He used YouTube to explain how he handles traffic stops.

As Jones learns to turn, he'll remember the rules if he's ever pulled over.

"You want to go home at the end of the day," his instructor said.

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