State Police prepare for Sterling funeral, possibility of more protests

State Police prepare for Sterling funeral, possibility of more protests

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Louisiana State Police are preparing for the funeral of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge on Friday, along with the possibility of more protests.

The police superintendent is also calling for changes in officer training after a meeting at the White House.

"Our goal tomorrow is to make it safe. You're not going to see a buildup of police," said LSP Col. Mike Edmonson

Edmonson said he and his staff know there may be protests in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, including one which may be attended by Rev. Al  Sharpton.

"He seems to show up at these events," Edmonson said. "He said, 'Colonel I am invited to these things.' I said, 'be fair on both sides.' He said 'I agree with you.'"

Edmonson said his meeting was productive and highlighted the need for change.

"We have to talk about  diversity training and how we deal with it," he said.

Edmonson said police need to more carefully study de-escalation techniques, but he defended the military show of force used at Baton Rouge police headquarters over the past week.

"You can't discount what happened in Dallas," he said. "I listened to the gunfire which erupted."

Edmonson also said that statements made by pawnshop robbers that they were going to hurt officers will be included in subsequent police reports, and he said those threats were treated seriously by police, who made 180 arrests and seized six weapons.

Edmonson said the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office will assist in providing security for Sterling's funeral.

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