New Orleans' Bastille Day celebration scarred by French attack

New Orleanians react to Bastille Day attack

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The attack that killed dozens in Nice, France left an emotional stain on Bastille Day celebrations in New Orleans on Thursday.

The tragedy, though an ocean away, sent a wave of despair and sorrow to the city heavily influenced by the European nation.

"We thought that for perhaps five seconds we could cancel the reception, but no. Never, never, never," New Orleans French Consulate General Gregor Trumel said. "It would be a victory for our enemies. We should not compromise with violence and terror and horror."

More than 100 people gathered at the New Orleans Museum of Art to honor France's independence. But the celebration, though filled with greetings and smiles, also included the harsh reality of what those in France must now endure.

"You would think it's an epidemic of violence and attacks," Director of L'Union Francaise Carmen Dobrescu said.

The violence in Nice adds to the list of recent French attacks that include the killing of journalists at Charlie Hebdo and the attacks that killed 129 people last November in Paris, and as the nation once again finds itself in a familiar place, the city that shares its culture also shares its pain.

"Together, French people, American people and the words liberty, egality, fraternity are stronger than every," Trumel said.

"I really hope that the French government will find solutions to end this violence and this hate," Dobrescu said.

"It's a very frightening time. I'm glad I don't have children. It would be very difficult to explain to your children what's going on in the world. Why is there so much evil?" President of L'Union Francaise asked. "It's just one more terrible thing. I don't know why this is happening to France."

Gov. John Bel Edwards expressed his condolences for what he called one of Louisiana's oldest and strongest bonds with France.

In a statement he said, "There is no question about it - we stand firmly behind the people of France in the wake of this unconscionable act of hate and terrorism."

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