Former FBI official says terror intelligence must improve

Former FBI official says terror intelligence must improve

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The former head of the FBI's office in New Orleans says law enforcement has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to terrorists.

Jim Bernazzani said the attack in Nice, France is just the latest example of a need for better intelligence. He said the war of today is far different than the ones our parents fought, and that there's no unified enemy anymore. They can come from practically anywhere, and they use social media to plan their attacks.

He said law enforcement must do a far better job of infiltrating social media to stay ahead of a dangerous game.

"Technology leads to interception, and law enforcement has to get in this game to understand how the new perpetrators get inspired," Bernazzani said.

Bernazzani said some of those perpetrators come from within our own country.

As for Nice, French prosecutors said the truck driver, Mohamed Boulez, a Tunisian living in France, wasn't known to intelligence services, although they admit he was known to police and judicial authorities for making threats, theft and damages committed over the past six years.

Four months ago, a French court gave him a suspended sentence on a charge of violence with a weapon.

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