New Orleans couple vacationing in Nice during terror attack

New Orleans couple vacationing in Nice during terror attack

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A New Orleans couple vacationing in Nice, France is thankful to still be here after Thursday night's terror attack.

Julie and Jeffrey Hoffman were enjoying Bastille Day celebrations like many others, but they decided to call it a night early.

"We had dinner in Nice and we were down on the Promenade Des Anglais, which is where the incident occurred," said Jeffrey Hoffman."We decided to turn in because we had an early travel day, we went back to the hotel and at that point we heard a lot of sirens."

The couple would soon realize what happened right where they had been watching the fireworks.

"We thought the sirens were typical, like you know, sirens like on the Fourth of July and then my father called and we realized there was an actually attack that had happened," said Julie Hoffman.

Their nearby hotel was on lockdown after a truck was used to kill 84 people.

"We were being told to stay in the room, do not leave, shut the windows, that kind of stuff, which we complied," said Jeffrey Hoffman.

"All of our family and kids are back home in New Orleans, so we just laid awake thinking about everybody," said Julie Hoffman.

On Friday, they told us they haven't slept since.

"In Nice this morning, it was, you know, the hotel was almost surreal. I mean, it was like nothing happened, but as soon as you walked outside there was so many security forces you couldn't really move," said Jeffrey Hoffman.

They have since traveled to Northern France where they say the mood is much different.

"Outside of Nice it's completely different, arriving here, people are just telling us how happy they are that we were able to arrive and be here," said Julie Hoffman.

"It's been tough on us, you know, just emotionally, but it's also been tough on our families back stateside because they are in constant worry here," said Jeffrey Hoffman.

"And they're sheltering our little kids that are 8 and 5 so that they don't know anything," said Julie Hoffman.

The Hoffmans say they had originally planned on traveling to Northern France on Friday via the high speed train, but they didn't feel safe doing that so they used a car service. They've also decided to change their flight home, they'll now be flying out of Switzerland instead of France.

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