Pokemon Go is causing Kenner traffic to stop

Pokemon Go is causing Kenner traffic to stop

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Kenner police joining departments around the county in reminding people safety should come first when playing Pokemon Go.

In recent weeks throngs of players have jammed public areas and traffic has backed up to significant lengths due to the number of players descending on certain spots in the city.

Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser said public recreation spots have been extremely popular with app users, particularly the Williams Boulevard Boat Launch.

"We want everyone to enjoy this game, but the crowds that are coming out to the boat launch, particularly at night, are creating a number of safety issues," Glaser said.

Kenner police have seen cars double- and tripled-parked and players walking in front of cars because they are looking down at their phones. The department received a report of a stolen smartphone from one game player.

"Sunday night, we had a line of traffic backed up on Williams almost to Joe Yenni," Glaser said.

Police have been forced to restrict traffic at times, and drivers who do not move their vehicles when requested have been ticketed.

A number of players have complained about limited access at the boat launch recently on the city's Facebook Page, accusing the city and the police department of "spoiling the fun."

Glaser said no one in his departments wants to prevent anyone from enjoying the game, but safety is the priority.

When restricting access in the boat launch area is necessary, Glaser said he has instructed officers to only limit vehicular traffic – if at all possible.

"You've also got some folks there with their boats or trying to get to the Treasure Chest, and they have just as much right to enjoy the area."

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