Police, sheriff's departments statewide lend a hand to Baton Rouge officers

Police, sheriff's departments statewide lend a hand to Baton Rouge officers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Baton Rouge law officers who are grieving the deaths of colleagues won't ride alone in the coming days. Sheriff's deputies and police officers from around the state are going on patrols with them. Help came from all over the state just hours after police said Gavin Long killed three officers in Baton Rouge.

"Twenty-one deputies from our SWAT team responded with our bear cat SWAT-like truck," said Sheriff Randy Smith of St. Tammany Parish.

Kenner Police also sent dozens of officers. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has deputies in place and sent its crime scene unit after the shooting to help in the investigation.

"We do provide a message to them that we're with them," said Sheriff Greg Champagne of  St. Charles Parish. "They're trying to do double officers in cars, and we are sending a shift of six from here for the foreseeable future to ride with them."

Mandeville Police are sending nine officers every day through Sunday. Sheriff Smith said his deputies are ready for anything in the charged atmosphere of Baton Rouge.

"They'll be in tactical gear in case there's a high-risk incident or high-risk call they'll need to respond to," he said.

Officers will carry their side arms and their long guns.

Family helping family, just like the slain officers supported each other to the end, statewide, law enforcement vow to be there.

"At least for the next  several  days until they are able to properly lay to rest the officers in Baton Rouge," Champagne said.

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