Online threats to St. Charles law enforcement lands Edgard man in jail

Online threats to St. Charles law enforcement lands Edgard man in jail

ST. CHARLES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. Charles Sheriff Greg Champagne said the public often will alert his office to disturbing and threatening posts on social media. That's exactly what happened earlier this week.

Vick "Lifeofcrime" Pablo posted on Facebook: "In uh lil while cops in st Charles are going to be next. I hope they kill every last one of them dirty (expletive)."

"You know you can express your opinion. You can express an opinion that is ugly and distasteful. But when you express an opinion that incites violence, that rises to the level that the public believes violence is imminent, you've crossed the line," Champagne said.

The sheriff said it's a violation of the law and not within 24-year-old Victor Pablo's First Amendment rights.

"You can't say what you want. You can't say that violence is fixing to happen and cause that level of anxiety and fear in the public. That's what the statute was designed to prevent," Champagne said.

Investigators secured a warrant and arrested Pablo at his home in St. John Parish. He's booked with terrorizing and threatening a public official. Deputies said they found multiple weapons inside the home and a receipt for an AK-47.

"We did find a receipt for the purchase of an AK-47, which we did not find. He claimed to no longer have it, so that's also concerning," Champagne said.

The sheriff said he's unaware of any connections Pablo may have to St. Charles Parish. In light of the recent attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge, he calls the Facebook post serious and dangerous.

"We have to stop the rhetoric. There are people out there that are mentally ill, as these shooters apparently were. They feel a call to action because they are not thinking rationally," Champagne said.

He said the state of mind of all members of law enforcement right now is a high level of anxiety.

"Everybody needs to understand that all anyone is asking for is we need to tone down this rhetoric on both sides. Whatever the issues may be, whether it's the police-involved shootings or the shooting and murder of police officers, the rhetoric really needs to be toned down by everybody," Champagne said.

Pablo is being held in jail on a $25,000 bond.

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