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Accused forgery suspect nabbed after giving his own number to cash a check

Kerry Jones (Source: APSO) Kerry Jones (Source: APSO)

An attempt to alter a check and cash it for himself backfired on Thibodaux man after authorities called the phone number given when cashing the check – his own.

A man attempting to cash a forged check was tripped up by a phone number on the check: his own.

Kerry Jones, 54, of Lafourche Drive in Thibodaux was arrested on forgery charges by Assumption Parish deputies.

Jones is accused of stealing a check from the mail and altering the check to make it payable to himself in addition to the intended recipient.

Police say he then forged the intended recipient’s name and cashed the check.

The scheme went awry when the finance company called asking the original recipient why the funds were converted to personal use.

The victim, not knowing what had happened, fought the finance company.

Assumption Parish detectives saw Jones’ named added to the check and called the phone number provided it was cashed. Jones was on the other end of the call they dialed that number.

Jones and he was booked on charges of monetary instrument abuse and forgery.

He is jailed pending a bond hearing.

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