Southwest passengers jammed up at Armstrong Airport

Southwest passengers jammed up at Armstrong Airport

KENNER, LA (WVUE) - Hundreds of travelers missed flights and experienced delays at Louis Armstrong International Airport Thursday morning after a technical glitch caused long lines at the Southwest Airlines counter.

Passengers gathered near the counter to express their anger and frustration.

Making matters worse in New Orleans, thousands of young people were due to fly out after attending a Lutheran conference. They are all flying on Southwest.

One man who was waiting to fly to Austin, TX for his stepson's wedding, but had to cancel the trip after the airlines said chances were incredibly slim he would make it.

"They told me it's not worth it anymore. Because if I'm on standby here, if I can't get out, it's useless," traveler Mike Lucas said. "But if I could get out, I'd be on standby in Dallas, so I may get stuck."

Lines were still long Thursday morning, but the airline is working as quickly as possible to get people to their destinations.

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