Texas company gives a final gift to pay tribute to fallen officers

Texas company gives a final gift to pay tribute to fallen officers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - Police led a motorcade from Texas with a priceless delivery to Baton Rouge. Artist Trey Ganem once designed custom cars in his shop in Edna, Texas. Now he customizes caskets.

"This is just heartbreaking that it happened, but we want to try to help the families," Ganem said.

Ganem and his team are finishing up caskets for three law officers killed Sunday in Baton Rouge. He met with the families of Baton Rouge officers Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald, and East Baton Rouge sheriff's Deputy Brad Garafola.

"It's a lot of responsibility, and it has to be passionate, and it has to be perfect," Ganem said.

Officer Gerald's wife noted his pride in being an officer and his three tours of duty in Iraq.

"In Iraq God had bigger plans for him," Dechia Gerald said. "He came home with no bruises, no scratches, no nothing. Then he became a police officer.

Cpl. Jackson's wife saw him as Superman. His casket will have a Superman shield.

Cpl. Garafola's family wanted a collage of family photos inside. Everything outside will be removable because they plan to donate the casket. Ganem leaves special touches covered in respect for the family.

"We want them to see it first before someone else," he said.

Ganem said personalized caskets bring loved ones peace and comfort. He said when people actually come in and see it for the first time, their whole mood changes.

Ganem was once a police officer too.

"I knew the times when I was out and I wondered was I going to make it home," he said.

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