Nicondra: A rainy start to the work week

Nicondra: A rainy start to the work week

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Periods of very stormy weather marred Sunday afternoon in a lot of places, while many saw brilliant breaks and beautiful conditions. We will continue to see isolated heavy storms and more widespread down pours as tropical upper lows move across the area over the next couple of days.

We experienced one round of stormy weather on Sunday with the North Shore seeing the most activity. Tangipahoa Parish was put under a flood advisory during the afternoon after as much as 2-to-3 inches of rain fell in a brief period of time.

A strong upper disturbance moves in from the Florida Panhandle, Monday, increasing rain chances into the likely range with many stormy periods, heavy down pours and localized flooding. Rain will begin earlier than usual with some issues for the morning commute.

Tuesday will be fairly wet as well and it looks like the effects of this system may linger through Wednesday. We may finally see a break late Thursday into Friday with the disturbance moving farther away by the end of the work week allowing for more breaks in the rain. There will still be plenty of moisture for daily showers and storms. The benefit of all the clouds and rain will be slightly less hot temperatures in the upper 80s and lower 90s for highs.

The tropical outlook stays quiet in the Atlantic with no development expected in the next five days.

-Nicondra Norwood

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