Some travelers having second thoughts after recent terror attacks

Some travelers having second thoughts after recent terror attacks

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There have been three violent attacks in Germany within a week. Earlier this month, 84 people were killed in Nice, France, during a Bastille Day terror attack. That has some New Orleans travelers giving their trips a second thought.

New Orleans travel agent Karen Wild said she's taking several calls a day from clients who are concerned about their future trips to Europe.

"It is definitely something that is being thought about in the pre-planning process, that, maybe we want to reconsider which cities we're going into or maybe we don't want to go to Europe at all this year coming up. Maybe we will wait a couple of years and see if things calm down a little bit," said Wild, who is vice president at Lagniappe Travel Services.

In light of recent terror attacks in Turkey, France and Germany, Wild said some are choosing to go to other international destinations like Italy and Spain.

"We have clients that are always looking for the lowest airfare, and it seems Turkish Airways through Istanbul is always three [hundred] to $400 cheaper than anybody else, and they're like, maybe not. Maybe I'll pay more money not to have to go through Istanbul this time," said Wild.

We talked to travelers at Armstrong International about whether they have any concerns.

"I trust the security systems here and also in the UK, as well. You know, when you come to an airport there's so many things you have to go through. I think traveling for me, I'm not too worried," said international traveler Gareth Franklin. "There's crazy people everywhere and they're going to do what they're going to do, but at the end of the day, if you have that fear about you all the time, those guys are winning."

"It's not so much the travel, per se, that is as worrisome for me as it is being in a big group. If you're at a concert, in a shopping mall," said New Orleans native Leslie McClanaham. "It's those larger areas that you worry about, or gatherings, I should say, that you worry about more than just traveling from one city to the next."

Wild said while some are being more cautious about where they go, it's not affecting her business at this time.

"I don't think we've seen a slow down. I think we've just seen a careful reconsideration of plans," she said.

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