Saints future at The Greenbrier still unknown

Saints future at The Greenbrier still unknown

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVUE) - The Saints practice fields are ready to roll come practice on Thursday at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. A month ago White Sulphur Springs was pounded by flood waters, but the field was untouched. The recovery is still ongoing in town, but the Saints return helps with the process.

"More important than you'll know. The reason for that is, when you're hurting, and someone takes a bold step to step out and say we're there for you, and we're coming. We're coming no matter what, we're coming. It was really, really, meaningful," said The Greenbrier owner Jim Justice.

Now that the Saints are here, it's time to focus on getting back to their winning ways. Back-to-back 7-9 seasons are unacceptable for the Who-Dats. Training camp is always a good way to put 2015 in the rear view mirror quickly.

"We're going to absolutely make the Saints training camp the best ever. Someway, somehow we gotta have a Super Bowl win, that's just all there is to it. I gotta have a ring, I mean Jimminy Christmas. We got to pull it off now. I know Coach Payton and everybody is really committed, and we're tickled to death to have you here, and want you to have the best training camp of all time," said Justice.

This is the last year of the Saints contract with The Greenbrier. Fans want their team back in New Orleans for camp, but Justice wants the Black and Gold here for the long haul.

"Well last year there was a bunch of conversations about that when they were here. We were just about to conclude on all that, and then I don't know exactly what happened and everything, but we just drifted away from the heat of the moment to get it done, get it finalized and get the extension in place. I would love the Saints to be here for forevermore. I love the organization, I love the people. If it doesn't work for them, I completely understand that. Because there will be five other NFL teams that would love to be here, that's not an issue," said Justice.

In the 2015 regular season the Cardinals used the Greenbrier as home base, with back-to-back east coast games. No doubt the secret is out on how great this facility is for NFL teams.

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