Sheriff shares social media posts made by armed theft suspect killed by deputy

JPSO sheriff points to suspect's social media posts, criminal history

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Social media posts made by the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a Jefferson Parish deputy Tuesday night show the young man flaunting guns and money and living the "street life."

Sheriff Newell Normand said a gun carried by a Devon Martes jammed as he pointed it at one of his deputies. Video surveillance shows Martes raising his gun toward the deputy moments before the deputy shot and killed Martes.

"Devon Martes pulled the trigger on a gun and tried to kill one of my officers, but for the fact that the gun malfunctioned, I might have a dead officer. So let us set the record straight right here right now: Devon Martes is not the victim," Normand said.

Tuesday night, deputies responded to a call of two people rolling truck tires down the street after stealing them from a nearby lot. Investigators believe Martes was trying to bring the tires to his home two blocks away, but before Martes got home, deputies arrived.

Surveillance shows Martes sneaking into the Times-Picayune warehouse in Metairie, walking around for a bit and then coming face-to-face with the deputy.

"Over frickin' rims, and this is what we are called upon to do every day," Normand said. "Truck rims people, truck rims. Give me a break."

Normand passionately defended Deputy David Dalton's actions, and the sheriff even pointed to Martes' social media posts during a news conference Wednesday. In the posts, Martes can be seen in two of the pictures holding the pistol with an extended magazine clip. It was the same gun found in his possession when he died.

Normand attributes the recent shootings between police and citizens to the amount of guns being taken off the street. In 2014, 558 guns were confiscated by Jefferson Parish deputies during police confrontations, and last year, that number jumped to 858, according to Normand.

"This year through July, [we have] 490. We're set for a record-breaking year," Normand said.

Martes' parents spoke with FOX 8 after they watched the surveillance video of the shooting. Both parents said their son left the officer with no other choice.

Sheriff Normand said he feels for Martes' family and appreciates their comments.

According to Normand, Martes' criminal history starts at the age of 10 and includes several convictions for drug distribution and armed robbery. Investigators say a small amount of marijuana was found in Martes' possession.

Deputies are still looking for the second suspect who was reported stealing the rims.

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