Football, Futbol, Food: Saints first four are vital, agents making bank, a new sandwich spot

Football, Futbol, Food: Saints first four are vital, agents making bank, a new sandwich spot


Expectations for the New Orleans Saints are low if you listen to national media pundits, or check out Las Vegas sports books. Sin City currently puts the Black and Gold's over/under on victories at seven. Going 7-9 back-to-back seasons will get you little respect.

"I think there's a sense of urgency every year. We haven't had the success the success the last two years that we've grown accustomed too, or expected, so that does create more urgency. It creates a sense of 'hey we have to do something a little different here'," said Saints GM Mickey Loomis.

If the Saints want to avoid being shutout of the playoffs for the third straight year, they need to come out of the gate quickly.

"For this team I think that, without putting a number on it, those first four weeks, I think those are important games. When we've looked at '06 and we've looked at '09, '10 or '11 or '13. I would say in all those cases the first four, first five games, however we want to group it we played pretty well," said Saints Head Coach Sean Payton.

The Saints open at home against Oakland on September 11th.


The going rate for sports agents cuts on contracts is usually 3-5 percent in America. In Europe it's a whole different ballgame, and an expensive one at that.

One of the hottest players in European football, Frenchman Paul Pogba, is looking to leave his club Juventus for greener pastures at Manchester United. His transfer fee is a whopping 100 million pounds. His agents cut, 20 million pounds!

In Europe you don't need trades to get your man, just pay off his former employer, and give the player a new fat contract. Plus, all involved get a kickback on the transfer fee.

The lucky agent getting this unreal payday is Mino Raiola. Raiola learned seven languages to help bridge any gaps with difficult contracts, and is now one of the hottest agents in the world. Not bad for a former pizza chef.


If I want a shrimp po-boy I usually hit up either Parkway Bakery or Domilisie's. Roast beef po-boy I prefer Tracey's or Mahoney's. If it's a sandwich I hit either Cochon Butcher, Stein's Deli, or St. James Cheese Company.

I'm set in my ways on all of these places, and rarely stray. Though, come next week my sandwich choices could expand by one. From the crew who brought you Root and Square Root, comes Part and Parcel, opening in August at South Market District.

"All of those places are great, but we think we will bring a different interpretation to the table with our sandwiches," according to Part and Parcel co-owner Max Ortiz. "Much like the cuisine at Root and Square Root, Part & Parcel won't be restricted to any one style of cuisine. Nothing is off-limits. There will definitely be a modern twist on some old favorites. At the end of the day, there is definitely room for all of us."

Part and Parcel will be the third restaurant opening for Rebel Restaurant Group. Taking on a new venture would appear easier since you've been in this spot before, but with restaurants nothing is easy.

"The restaurant industry is always hectic. This is the biggest reason why we moved Root into the same building as Square Root. Now we essentially have three concepts in only two locations. That makes all the difference in the world. Keeping an eye on two locations is much easier than three," said Ortiz.

Now I'm patiently counting down the days to add a new sandwich spot to my rotation, but I'm not the only one.

"Opening day can't get here soon enough," said Ortiz.

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