Cooks leads young receiving group

Cooks leads young receiving group

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVUE) - With 10-year veteran Marques Colston done in the black and gold, it's time for the young guns to step up. First-round pick Brandin Cooks leads the charge of the new generation of Black and Gold wideouts.

"We are young yes, but you can't let your youth hold you back from being great, and that's the way I think about it," said Brandin Cooks. "That's the way we all feel about it in that room. We might be young, but we're going to make great plays and do great things. We're not going to wait until our fifth or sixth year. We're going to do it now."

The young crew just added a few years to their median age with the addition of Hakeem Nicks. The former Super Bowl champ got a shot thanks to his experience, and possibly text messaging skills.

"Well we have worked him out a few times. He is obviously an experienced receiver. He is in good shape. He was kind of on a short list (for) if we had a number, and we did. So, I think his experience is key. Plus, he wouldn't stop texting me," said Sean Payton.

So are we talking persistent daily texting, or a hey what's up monthly text?

"He probably got a text from me once a week. You know how on a text message you can see the "R" that says read, he read it," said Hakeem Nicks.

With the addition of Hakeem Nicks to the roster Saturday, Cooks is no longer the most tenured player on the team. Nicks will be entering his eighth year in the league.

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