Sean Payton steals the show in HBO's "Ballers"

Sean Payton steals the show in HBO's "Ballers"

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - He's considered one of the league's top coaches, and he's certainly paid as such, but Sean Payton's also one of the most popular off the field. Sunday night was proof as he made a cameo in the HBO hit series 'Ballers'.

"I think it's entertaining," says Payton. "What they take is, I would say, every stereotype of the last 25 years, and they've rolled it into a half-hour episode."

'Ballers', which features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson amongst a long list of NFL cameos, is what Payton describes as an East coast NFL-version of another HBO show 'Entourage'. While some elements may be accurate to life in the league, others are obviously sensationalized.

"You read the script sometimes," says Payton. "And it's like Mickey said to me, 'If we ever show up with an airplane and a parade to sign a 30-year old receiver..."

His cameo is the latest of a lot of off-the-field TV time for Payton, who also gave the "riders up" call at the Kentucky Derby.

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