Some charges dismissed against Uptown plastic surgeon

Some charges dismissed against Uptown plastic surgeon

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Orleans Criminal District Court Judge Laurie White on Monday drops three of the five counts of video voyeurism against an Uptown plastic surgeon.

Prosecutors said Dr. Ali Sadeghi raped one woman, and illegally filmed her and other patients in the operating room. Sadeghi's attorney filed a motion to dismiss three of the video voyeurism charges, arguing the photos and videos were taken in Jefferson and East Baton Rouge, not in Orleans Parish.

Two witnesses testified during the hearing.

During questioning, the prosecutor revealed one of the photos showed nurses making obscene hand gestures while in a Metairie operating room with a patient. One of the witnesses, a medical professional, testified about a picture that showed a nurse holding an instrument in her mouth. He said it was procedural because her hands were full at the time, but the state questioned why such a picture would be taken in the operating room in the first place.

The Judge said based on the evidence and testimony, she decided to quash three of the five counts of video voyeurism against the doctor.

Dr. Sadeghi still faces one count of second-degree rape and two counts of video voyeurism.

The state said it will appeal the judge's decision to the Fourth Circuit.

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