Brees-Fleener connection producing big plays at camp

Brees-Fleener connection producing big plays at camp

. - In five years with the Saints, Jimmy Graham hauled in 51 touchdowns with over 4,500 yards receiving. The big-play ability was missed in 2015, so the Saints signed Coby Fleener to a monster deal to seal the void. A week into camp you can see signs this could be a great partnership. Brees hit Fleener for a perfect in-stride touchdown pass in Monday's practice.

"It felt great. You hope all of them are that smooth and that easy because rarely anything is easy in football. That's a credit to Drew and the offensive line." said Fleener.

Fleener's caught passes his entire college and pro-career from one guy, Andrew Luck. So getting in-sync with Drew Brees could take a little

"I will be honest, I am still getting to know him as far a player and his skill set. I know what I have seen on film," said Drew Brees. "I think he's feeling very good right now so I'm excited to see what we are able to put together over the next few weeks as we get a lot of time and a lot of reps together but listen his role as a tight end in this offense, you get a lot of opportunities, you get a lot of favorable match ups, and you can be a guy that catches a lot of balls and I certainly see him in that role."

"I'm always trying to pick his brain. He has seen just about everything you can see on a football field. I always want to make sure I'm running the routes to his liking, because his liking is what is going to be best for the team," said Fleener.

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