Rookie Vonn Bell not fazed by draft position

Rookie Vonn Bell not fazed by draft position

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Vonn Bell racked up nine interceptions in three years with the Buckeyes. His play strangely only garnered a second-round pick in the NFL draft. For a ball-hawking safety like Bell that was a disappointment, but he's moving on.

"I don't look towards that no more. Just go out there and have a chip on my shoulder, and just show the world what they missed out on," said Bell. "Just keep getting better with these guys. It's a blessing being here. God blessed me with this opportunity and I'm going to take it."

Drew Brees learned early in camp Bell means business with this interception. One of the best moments of his camp so far.

"I was in a cover three. So I'm reading Drew, I see the post. I see Brandin Cooks out there as the one, I see Breaux out there too. He gives a little stutter, and I see Drew go. Whenever a quarterback looks that way, react and go. I saw him release it, I go high point over all of them. I did a dunk on him as I call it, just made a play," said Bell.

"Yeah. Good for him. That won't happen again," said a smiling Drew Brees. "I hung with my eyes outside a bit too long, and he got a good jump on it. So, good for him. Maybe it's a little confidence builder. I don't plan on that happening again for a while."

Twitter hasn't been kind to Brees since the Bell interception on day one. The rookie pointed out Buckeye fans have been playfully taunting Brees, the former Purdue star of the Big Ten.

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