Big Fish Report: Fishing as the sun goes down

Big Fish Report: Fishing as the sun sets

(WVUE) - Anglers tired of our record heat and the morning rush of boats each weekend might consider fishing in the evening.

On the way to bring my houseboat from Venice to New Orleans, I made a stop at the Mississippi River Gulf outlet rocks. Capt. Jacques Labrorer ran from Campos Marina in Shell Beach to meet me and make an quick evening trip along the well-known jetties.

You had the afternoon showers, they kind of knock the edge off and the sun starts going down, and these guys start biting. That's is what is cool about afternoon fishing. I understand you may not have a large boat to stay close to your fishing spot as the sun sets, but with our long summer days, there are many places you can fish late and still get back before dark.

So change it up next time you are planning to head out for a little fishing trip. Sleep in and make the evening run. Because there are always trout waiting for you as the sun goes down.

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