As day breaks, tornado cleanup begins in New Orleans

Residents begin tornado damage cleanup

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - As the sun comes up in the Seventh Ward, the cleanup from Thursday's tornado begins. Crews have their work cut if for them after an EF-0 tornado leveled one house.

No one was inside when the tornado hit, but the house itself is reduced to a pile of wood.

St. Phillip St. is still taped off and shut down to traffic, but N. Claiborne Ave. is clear.

The tornado kicked up at Marais and Annette streets around 3:45 and ended near the collapsed building. Three buildings received heavy damage in all along the half mile stretch in the Seventh Ward and near Treme.

Residents in this area are also dealing with roof damage. Just a block away, at Ursuline St. and N. Claiborne Ave., a man was trapped in his house and a neighbor came to his rescue. He survived.

Other residents describe how quickly the tornado bore down on them.

"It broke up when it crossed the interstate but it touched down just enough to eat this and wad it all up in one second," said witness Jim Farrell.

Many can't remember the last time a tornado hit in the city. Seeing the latest one sent some people scrambling for cover.

"I looked out the windows and I saw maybe a block wide a circular with roof shingles and everything and it was loud and it pulled towards it and I realized it was a tornado coming right towards us," Elaine Cummins said.

She and her mother tried to find a safe place in their house as the danger passed.

So as day breaks on Friday, residents will get to work, take stock of the damage and clean up debris, weather permitting.

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