Pig carcass discovered floating in Lake Pontchartrain

Pig carcass discovered floating in Lake Pontchartrain

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The carcass of a pig was discovered floating in Lake Pontchartrain near the Lakefront by two individuals on different days, according to the Louisiana Humane Society.

Wednesday afternoon, Stefanie George was walking her dogs along the UNO Lakefront near Lakeshore Drive when she observed a large black object floating in the water. Ms. George ventured closer to the water's edge and could make out the outline of a pig, which had a red strap attached to one of its legs.

She asked a bystander to help pull the pig out of the water and onto the large concrete steps that lead into the water's edge. Once out of the water, Ms. George noticed that one of the pig's front legs appeared to have been lacerated and all of its teeth were missing. A red strap was also attached to one of the pig's front legs.

Thursday, a Garden District resident and co-founder of Inner Pup of New Orleans, a New Orleans humane organization, was at the Lakefront walking her four dogs when she also observed the same carcass of the pig on the concrete steps. By this time, flies covered the body and it was beginning to decompose. She called different agencies to investigate the matter and have the carcass removed.

"The color of the pig, black, is consistent with our feral hog population, so we don't know at this time if it was a domesticated potbellied pig or a feral hog. Nor, do we know how the pig made its demise. Having all its teeth removed is very strange and so is having a bright red strap around one of its front legs.  Any one with information is encouraged to call the Humane Society of Louisiana at 1-888-6-HUMANE or 1-901-268-4432," says Jeff Dorson, HSL Director.

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