New linebacker Robertson looks to contribute right away

Juan and Sean break down Friday's practice

WEST SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVUE) - On the very first day of camp Craig Robertson showed why the Saints scooped him up in free agency. This pick of Drew Brees set the tone for a strong debut week in West Virginia. He's not in the starting lineup just yet, and he's not even thinking about it either.

"Wherever I fit in. I don't see anything for me right now. I'm not looking as a vision right now. Learn the defense, gain the trust of my teammates, and go out there and play football," said linebacker Craig Robertson.

Helping with the adjustment to the Black and Gold is middle linebacker James Laurinaitis.

"I told him yesterday, every place that I've been there's an older guy I look up to. No matter how old or young he maybe. He's that guy here. He's going to do the right thing every day, every time. Watching tape, I sit next to him just to ask him a question. Like hey man what did you see right here, why did you check this? That's definitely a guy you need on this team," said Robertson.

With Laurinaitis and Robertson in the mix now, and some key defenders getting healthy, the "D" in 2016 could look a little different.

"We're going to be a vicious defense. Guys just go out there playing with their heads on fire. The only thing you have in this game is fear, and you have to gain that back," said Robertson.

Robertson played five years for the Cleveland Browns. In that time he didn't experience one winning season. The highest win total was seven.

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