Nicondra: Heat advisory for Saturday

Nicondra: Heat advisory for Saturday

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - It's August and the heat is right on schedule. Low pressure draped across Florida will continue to keep rain chances a bit higher over the next day or so. While we don't expect widespread all day rain the timing is less predictable than typical summer storms. Rain chances will hover around 50% through the weekend.

Monday into Tuesday we can expect an increase in rain chances with stormier conditions as another area of disturbed weather approaches around the strong high to our west. As the low near Florida develops we could see heavy rain pick up for the middle of the week. We will monitor this system closely as it's possible to see tropical development with this set up. Right now, there is a low chance for this development in the next five days. Whether this becomes tropical or not we will have the potential for heavy rain by next Wednesday and Thursday. The timing and location of the developing low will make a huge difference in our coverage.

Tropical Storm Earl continues tracking along the Bay of Campeche today and moving into the mainland of Mexico on Saturday.

-Nicondra Norwood

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