Nicondra: A few strong storms, but most still 'feel like' triple digits

Nicondra: A few strong storms, but most still 'feel like' triple digits

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Even with some stormy weather around this Saturday we are still dealing with high heat indicies. Just about every location registered a "feels like temperature" in the triple digits with most making the heat advisory criteria. We are seeing the isolated pockets of strong storms this afternoon and will continue to have the opportunity for a few more strong storms into the evening. With plenty of available moisture, I expect even more coverage on Sunday with increasing rain chances into the week.

Monday into Tuesday even more moisture becomes available pushing rain chances up into the 70-to-80 percent range by the middle of the week. As the low near Florida develops we could see even more coverage. Whether this becomes tropical or not we will have the potential for heavy rain by next Wednesday and Thursday. The timing and location of the developing low will make a huge difference in our coverage.

We have been tracking a low for a couple of days in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The weak low pressure will sit out over the warm Gulf waters for several days giving it the opportunity to develop into a tropical low. Right now it's bringing heavy rain to the Florida beaches and western coast of Florida. It is also close enough that it is helping to trigger some of our wet weather as well.

A second area of low pressure north of Puerto Rico should stay in the Atlantic and will not be an issue for us.

The National Hurricane Center issued it's last advisory on Earl at 10:00 a.m. Saturday as the storm dumps rainfall in the mountains of Mexico and lost it's closed circulation. The area of moisture is expected to emerge in the Pacific and possibly develop a new tropical cyclone in the next few days.

-Nicondra Norwood

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