Pilot makes emergency landing on I-10

Pilot makes emergency landing on I-10

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST PARISH, LA (WVUE) - A pilot had to make an emergency landing on the interstate Monday.It happened near the St.John-St.James Parish line.

The pilot of the small Cessna 150 had to make that landing on I-10 when he had engine trouble. But, he managed to bring his plane down right in the middle of the median. And, that's a good thing especially when you consider just how many drivers were on the road at that time.

"It could have easily been a lot worse, a lot of traffic out here, you know, it was around lunch time, a lot of people on their lunch break, a lot of people traveling, luckily, that pilot had the foresight to put that airplane down in the median, again no one was injured, nobody was hurt, no crashes, he did an excellent job," Sgt.Jared Sandifer with Louisiana State Police.

The pilot was not able to fly his plane out of there. Instead, troopers had to block traffic while it was towed away.

It is unclear what caused the engine trouble or where the pilot was headed.

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