Saints defense thrives against great quarterbacks

Saints defense thrives against great quarterbacks

FOXBORO, MA (WVUE) - The Saints defense intercepted Drew Brees four times this past Saturday. Tuesday, they faced another challenge in facing Tom Brady, one of the all-time greats.

"It's one in the same," said safety Roman Harper. "I was trying to tell some of the young guys back in the day, we would come out with our new gameplan that week, and test it out on Drew. If we confuse Drew a little bit, and he knows our defense, when we get to gameplan it's just going to be that much easier. These are the opportunities you got to take advantage of a number-one rated offense, like your own team. When you go against another Hall of Fame QB you got to do those things. If you can do that you'll be great. At the end of the day you go to execute, and if you confuse guys , it gives us a chance."

Tuesday's practice was intense, with a spirited back-and-forth of big plays. Though, Harper felt Brady acted just a little different during the workouts.

"I've got to know Tom (Brady) over the years," Harper said. "First of all coming out here practicing, he knows who I am, and I know who he is. Very cordial, he's a great guy. He's the best of all time for a reason. You love his fire his competitiveness. He was actually pretty chill today. The most chill I've seen him in practice. He's just grinding through man. I asked him at the end of the day how he's doing and said just grinding. He's enjoying where he's at in sure."

Rookie Sheldon Rankins intercepted Brady during team drills and ran it back for a touchdown . His last score in college for Louisville was a pick six also, against Boston College, guess he just loves New England.

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