Workout Wednesday - Zumba

Workout Wednesday with Kristi Coleman

Bonnie Landry of Ochsner Fitness Center joins Workout Wednesday with exciting Zumba moves. Get those dancing shoes out and try the steps below.

  • Start off with a Salsa side step, using the left leg and then right adding a rocking movement with the waist.
  • Follow the side step with a front and back salsa step.

Both of these moves are great to bring the heart rate up and loosen the hips. When performing salsa, it is essential to move the hips and keep the core tight to whittle that waistline!

  • Next move is the Salsa travel. Place one foot over the other and move to the right while rolling shoulders. Bring arms back and up paired with a side clap. With the salsa travel, it is important to sit a little lower, as if about to sit in a chair, to really get into this move. You will feel this step right away in your backside, upper thighs, and hip area. Add strong arm movements to incorporate upper-body toning.

Ochsner Fitness Center offers free Zumba classes every Saturday at City Park's Peristyle at 8 a.m. Free classes will be offered until September.

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