Jefferson Parish braces for severe weather

Jefferson Parish braces for severe weather

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - In Jefferson Parish, public works and emergency management workers are bracing for heavy rains.

Crews are checking drainage systems at construction sites, and also making sure canals and waterways are not backed up. They're also ready to set up barricades if needed to prevent traffic on flooded streets.

Officials say when the heavy rains come, they'll be ready.

Public Works Director for Jefferson parish Kazem Alikhani told Fox8, "We're putting all the pump station operators and putting all the public works crews on standby. The pump station will be manned before the event and throughout the event and the rest of the public works, the sewer is also on standby, we will monitor the weather and act accordingly."

Mitchell Theriot The Director of the Department of Drainage for Jefferson Parish admits that it can rain beyond the capacity of their drainage system, which would especially impact low lying areas. Those areas include parts of River Ridge and Harahan, the other side of Jefferson Highway, some parts of Old Metairie, Central Metairie as well.

If you live in any of the areas listed you're being asked to clean out your catch basins ahead of time.

The JP department of drainage director says if you need help with that give them a call at (504) 736-6751.

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