Brees and Brady relationship goes back to college days

Brees and Brady relationship goes back to college days

(WVUE) - It might only be practice, but Drew Brees dominated in two days of work against the Patriots.

No it's not the regular season yet, but this sets the table for great things.

"Very important, because you get a lot of reps, put into a lot of situations," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees. "That's the design of these joint practices, the opportunity for both teams to really get a ton of repetition against a new look, new looks, new scheme, new personnel and so for a lot of veteran guys that aren't going to get a lot of time in the preseason, this is really our biggest preparation for the season."

Brady also looked strong in workouts the last two days. Brees and Brady together own five Super Bowl titles. Their relationship goes way back to the
Big Ten.

"We played against each other in college. We actually reminisced about that a little today, because the weather was exactly the same as it was for that game (Purdue-Michigan), so Tom actually threw that out there for Michigan-Purdue in the big house, it was just like it. They kind of smoked us that day though. The respect for him and what he's been able to accomplish, how he's gone about doing it, this is a guy who came into the league as a sixth-round pick and his first time and opportunity to start resulted in a Super Bowl Championship and he hasn't slowed down since," said Brees.

Brees said after practice expects to play one series. Last year in the opener against the Ravens he never saw the field.

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