Jefferson Parish crews watching the storm from the inside and out

Jefferson Parish crews watching the storm from the inside and out

Emergency management crews are keeping a close eye on streets and water levels in in Jefferson Parish.

Public works crews are outside monitoring the drainage systems, the pumps, and canals while EOC crews are working hard as well.

This operations room is on standby.

Crews are monitoring the storm system on computers to provide support for the crews in the field.

The EOC assistant director Timmy Gautreau is live chatting with the National Weather Service website so he can push out alerts.

They want to make sure all of their resources in the right places and identify areas that may need extra attention and if need be shift crews there.

The EOC Director Joseph Valiente says this is a process that happens every time there is a potential for heavy flooding.

"We actually started two days ago in anticipation of this weather," Valiente said. "This low-pressure system that's actually coming across the state and we know that it's bringing unstable air and is bringing moisture in the air that's going to produce thunderstorms that are going to be huge rain producers."

Valiente said preparations began two days ago working all departments until the storm has passed.

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