Crews work around the clock rescuing residents in Goodbee

Crews work around the clock rescuing residents in Goodbee

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. Tammany Sheriff's Deputies have been using boats and high water vehicles to rescue people near Goodbee for the last 24 hours. Rescue vehicles have been very busy rescuing people in the Savannah Branch neighborhood. They, along with others in the area were caught off-guard by the rising waters of a Tchefuncte River tributary.

"It was nerve-racking," said resident Nancy Gilmore. "I thought it would go down but by 3:00 a.m., we have water in the house."

But the water did not go down in the area and it's not going down anytime soon, frustrating residents who dealt with this just last March.

"We just finished everything," Gilmore added. "It was all first-rate and we had no insurance."

"We will help throughout the night," said St. Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith.

There's an eerie beauty to this high water on Tarantella Ranch Road as deputies look for people who need help. The waters will continue to rise and deputies will be on patrol in the meantime.

Though the water is high, residents say it's not as high as it was during the floods in March.

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