Police allow drivers to reclaim cars left on I-12

Monday evening: I-12 at the Denham Springs exit,

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - The Louisiana State Police has allowed people to reclaim cars left behind on a portion of an interstate in some of the worst-hit flooding areas of south Louisiana.
Trooper Bryan Lee said Monday that people were brought back to get vehicles on a stretch of Interstate 12. Many motorists had in some instances been stranded overnight awaiting rescue.
Lee says those people, along with others who had remained with their cars, were allowed to drive their vehicles with a police escort away from the interstate.
Other vehicles that were out of gas, stalled or unclaimed were being towed Monday to the shoulder to help clear the interstate.
Vehicles remain stuck on other parts of I-12, however, near Baton Rouge, which still had water and remained impassable.

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