Rescuers who have lost everything continue to help others

Rescuers who have lost everything continue to help others

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WVUE) - Interstate 12 near Baton Rouge is still shut down, littered with abandoned cars near Denham Springs.

Slowly people are trickling in - some to retrieve stranded vehicles - but it quickly became clear that many people were using the location as a high ground as they continued to make water rescues despite losing everything.

Staring at the devastation, Brian Koranek was working to help his city and his neighbors escape the nightmare they're all trapped in.

"Despite that I lost everything, I jumped in a big truck and started rescuing people," Koranek said. "Sheriff Sid Gautreaux saw us and stopped, gave my daughter a jacket and gave me twenty bucks, told me, 'Do what you can do dude.' He's a good man, and I ain't stopped since for three days. Got my wife, dog and kid in the truck, doing what we can do."

Koranek is determined to help those he can, even as his own father is still trapped.

"My dad has been stuck in Central for two days," Koranek said. "He can't leave work."

But his spirit is unwavering, just like that of Taylor Sanders.

"Lost everything, haven't lost faith or motivation," Sanders said. "We spent all day Friday helping people, all day Saturday, Sunday, me and my brother and few people from my shop, we've been out helping, just trying to help the guard get everyone out of the neighborhood.

Working around the clock as floodwaters slowly recede, the volunteers know what's just around the bend.

"The worst is yet to come," said Jay Olinde. "A week from now when the water recedes, they don't have a home, they don't have a job to go to, they don't have a car, they don't have food, clothes - it's horrible."

Still, their resolve is strong. Right now the people who've lost it all but keep helping will tell you they have more than they'll ever need.

"I lost everything, but for me to give back, I'll do it every day, every day," Koranek said.

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