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Water recedes, cleanup and debris collection begins in Robert

(Source: Deven Clarke / Fox 8 photo) (Source: Deven Clarke / Fox 8 photo)

Flood water is receding in Robert and the extent of the damage left behind is becoming apparent, as homeowners begin returning home to find what is left of their belongings.

As crews begin picking up disaster debris, officials are asking residents to separate materials into four categories.

The first is construction and demolition materials like drywall, wood, shingles and also personal items like clothes and furniture.

The next category, vegetation like tree limbs, brush and leaves.

Next, household hazardous wastes like paints, cleaners, oils, and batteries should be secured in a container that does not leak.

And lastly, large electronic goods like refrigerators, washers, dryers.

They're asking that residents put the items on the side of the road and not in the streets, highways, or drainage ditches. Crews will not go onto private property to collect items.

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