Water creeping closer to St. James neighborhoods

Water creeping closer to St. James neighborhoods

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Water is already creeping close to some neighborhoods in St. James Parish. People who live there spent the day preparing for a possible flood.

A lot of people who live in Grand Point grew nervous as Tuesday moved into the afternoon because they are watching the water rise around their houses.

There is a drainage canal that is basically connected to another canal that is connected to the Blind River. The back water from that river is now flowing into the parish.

All along Longview Street, homeowners are still preparing. Neighbors are helping neighbors as they go house to house, sandbagging each other's property.

"There were women and children on the driveways loading the sandbags and the guys were hauling. We're doing the same thing now," resident Johnny Luke said. "Hopefully, we're doing it for nothing. The forecast is something around two feet more than Isaac, so we would be right in that mark so we are taking precautions and sandbagging."

The sense of community speaks volumes. At the same time, people are truly worried about the rising water.

The water has risen eight inches since Sunday.

"I think everybody's is scared. Now, if they're doing something and got their mind off of it, they're not scared. I'm sure last night when they went home, they didn't sleep last night thinking about what could be," said resident Billy Bourgeois.

The parish president is asking everyone to continue preparing with sandbags because they say the water will creep up slowly, but could stay for maybe a week before it falls.

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