Robert man in viral video talks about rebuilding - again

Man whose video went viral talks about rebuilding - again

ROBERT, LA (WVUE) - A Robert man whose Facebook video of his flooded home went viral shared his struggle Tuesday as he and his family are forced to rebuild for the second time in just five months.

"The water was right here, almost completely to the top," Dennis Perret said. "It's funny - pretty much all the things that were saved are the things we didn't put away."

The family purchased their four-bedroom home on Aug. 14, 2013. And on that very day three years later, it's destroyed.

"This is absolute devastation," Perret said. "You can see the water level's high."

The sense of loss is becoming all too familiar. The Perret family was forced out because of floods back in March. They just moved back after eight weeks ago on Father's Day after renovations were completed. Perret, a salesman, and his wife, a bakery manager, are still financing new furniture that is now ruined.

"Devastated, just angry, sad, just - I don't know," said Perret's wife, Christina Ford.

"This is, uh, let me show you my front door," Perret said. "Look at outside, the street. Inside my house last time I only got 4 inches. I'm pretty sure it went higher than that this time."

Now even though the couple and their three young daughters are forced to pick up the pieces for the second time, he says they're determined more than ever to stay.

"Talking to my wife, were not going anywhere. this is our house. This is our home," Perret said.

As he prepared to renovate, Perret said it's family, faith and love that will get them through - again.

"I needed y'all's prayers last time, and uh - definitely gonna need y'all's prayers this time," he said.

Perret who didn't have flood insurance, said he's shocked that the video he posted on Facebook went viral, and he appreciates all of the support.

Currently his family is sharing a bedroom at a friend's house.

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