Flood victims become rescuers as water rises in Ascension

Flood victims become resuers in Ascension

ASCENSION PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Welcome to Sorrento, a town of 1,500 and under water in many places. Just up the road, St. Amant is even deeper...

"It's terrible," said volunteer Mark Bailey. "It didn't really sink in yet. Probably gonna take a couple of days before it does. Just looking at it, it's heartbreaking for everybody.

Bailey and his buddy, Dustin Day, haven't stopped since the water started rising, sinking every ounce of energy into the relief effort.

"It's been rough, working on four hours of sleep since Saturday, sandbagging, doing whatever we have to do," Bailey said.

"I lost track of my days, man, like he said," said Dustin Day. "I've got about four hours of sleep, sandbagging, just getting people's stuff and valuable things out of their houses. And man, it was quick, it just came up so fast. About four o'clock we we're sitting, had grass in the yard, 12 o'clock that night we had two feet of water in the house already, and man, it just didn't let up and there was no mercy coming with it."

Day lost his house, the home he just moved into with his wife. His housewarming gift from nature – six feet of water.

"We couldn't stop it," Day said. "We tried everything we could - pumping, pumping water out with pumps and fighting all the little leaks in the sandbags, putting the walls back up. It's just really exhausting to have the outcome like we had."

So he gave up on his home, grabbed his boat and joined ranks with the Cajun Navy, riding the streets of Ascension Parish by boat.

"If we can do anything to save somebody's cat or dog or whatever, we saved two horses yesterday and we've seen the cows on the road earlier, cows in the field still standing in chest-high water, man it's crazy," Day said.

Now he knows there's months of recovery ahead, but he won't let that daunting challenge swamp his spirit – or his fight for his home.

"Aw, no, we gonna make it back," Day said. "We're fighters around here, this is the homefront, we ain't backing down."

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