While some are drying out, others face potential flooding

While some are drying out, others face potential flooding

(WVUE) - While some Louisiana residents dry out this morning, the threat of potential flooding has others on edge.

In St. James Parish backwater flooding from the Amite and Blind rivers could cause water to rise.

Crews and residents have filled some 75,000 sand bags that now surround hundreds of homes in the parish.

Flood victims, who lost their homes in Ascension Parish, evacuated to St. James only to find themselves in harm's way once again.

"It's devastating and we have four kids and three dogs with us and my mom's our next door neighbor and she's with us too," said flood victim Monica Mayers.

Thirty-five homes in St. James parish flooded during Hurricane Isaac.

In St. John the Baptist Parish concerns are on the rise this morning.

Parish leaders say they're monitoring areas of northern LaPlace near Highway 51 and the interstate as well as far northern areas in Garyville and Reserve.

Sand is available at the fire stations in Garyville, Reserve, Wallace and Pleasure Bend for residents who don't want to take any chances.

As some parishes prepare for the chance of flooding, other parishes deal with high water. One of the hardest-hit areas was Ascension parish.

Sorrento, a town of 1500, is under water in many places. Up the road in St. Amant the water is even deeper.

"It's terrible. It didn't really sink in yet," said volunteer Marcus Bailey. "Probably gonna take a couple of days before it does, just looking at it, it's heartbreaking for everybody."

"It's been rough, working on four hours of sleep since Saturday, sandbagging, doing whatever we have to do," Bailey said.

Flood victim Dustin Day said he's been working nonstop and has lost track of his days.

"I've got about four hours of sleep sandbagging, just getting people's stuff, and valuable things and get out their houses," Day said. "And man it was quick, it just came up so fast.

Day said the water started rising around 4 p.m. and there was about two feet of water in his house by midnight.

Day lost the home he just moved into with his wife. His housewarming gift from Mother Nature was six feet of water.

Day grabbed his boat and joined ranks with the Cajun Navy, cruising the streets of Ascension Parish looking for residents to rescue.

In Baton Rouge, a curfew was posted until 6 a.m.

Authorities say it's partially an effort to combat looting.

In Baton Rouge, four men were arrested, accused of stealing $750 of merchandise from a Dollar General store.

All four are charged with looting, theft, and violation of a state emergency proclamation.

In Baker, police arrested four men and one woman accused of stealing alcohol and cigars from a convenience store.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says looting won't be tolerated.

"I'm going to tell them what their momma told them a long time ago. They need to be good citizens. And, we need to be good neighbors to one another," Edwards said.

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