Make sure flood donations go to those who need it

Make sure flood donations go to those who need it

(WVUE) - Louisiana's Attorney General Jeff Landry says he's working to make sure donations for flood victims actually go to people who need the money.

As of Wednesday, there are nearly 2,000 GoFundMe pages that say they're raising money for flood victims. Landry's office is working with the website to identify accounts that are not giving money to the intended recipients, and refund that money to the donors.

The Landry suggests these steps to make sure your money goes to the people who need it most:

  • Only donate to the campaigns for people you know and trust.
  • If, when contacting the organizer directly on the campaign page, you do not get response or the response raises questions - report your concerns to General Landry's Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-351-4889 or click "Report Campaign" directly on the GoFundMe campaign page.
  • Note that some pages may lack a beneficiary name as campaign organizers could be in the process of adding the beneficiary directly to the page.
  • If a potential recipient does not want a campaign set up or continued on his/her behalf, he/she can notify GoFundMe and the account will be closed.

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