Sorrento flooding situation has not improved

Sorrento flooding situation has not improved

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - In Sorrento, the flooding situation has not improved.

The swollen Amite River is still backed making real the possibility the water levels could rise further.

Law enforcement officials are teaming up with a group of citizens calling themselves the "Cajun Navy," going around on boats responding to calls and being on the lookout for anyone who may need help.

One of the volunteers is a man with six feet of water in his new home.

"We couldn't stop it, we tried everything we could, pumping and pumping water out with pumps and fighting all the little leaks with sandbags putting the walls back up," said Dustin Day. "It's just really exhausting to have the outcome we had."

There are pumps designed to help with backwater flooding, but they are currently no match for the swollen and backed up Amite River.

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