St. James Parish residents bracing for flooding

Water slowly creeps near homes in St. James Parish

ST. JAMES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - In St. James Parish Wednesday, water rose in some neighborhoods near Gramercy, forcing residents to keep a watchful eye on their homes.

As the sun rose Wednesday morning over Longview Street, neighbors discovered an unwelcome sight; water, in their yards, driveways, and street.

Resident Steven Lemoine says, "It'll rise, the question is, how much? We just gotta keep praying."

Backflow from the Blind River is seeping into nearby canals, causing water to creep into yards.

"Most of the people living on the North side of 3125 will be threatened by the impact of this high water," parish president Timmy Roussel explained.

Resident Shelley Donadieu says, "Can't fight nature. I mean, basically, battle as long as we can, and if we have to, then we'll leave."

We found neighborhoods South of 3125, also taking on water.

On Admiral Landings Street, the water measured 11 inches deep in some spots.

Shannon Luke says, "We're gonna fight it, we've got a couple pumps, hope for the best, that's all we can do."

Only months after his father's passing, Luke wants to protect his parent's home and their mementos. Having grown up there, Luke says this amount of water on the street is unprecedented.

Roussel says this isn't even the worst of it. He expects more to flow Wednesday night, into Thursday morning. While many are already prepared with sandbags, there's always more work to be done.

Roussel says, "We're asking for as many volunteers as possible to help us with that effort because we know there's some more homes out there, unprotected and we want to help those people too."

Not many residents have evacuated from neighborhoods near Gramercy. They say they'll wait to see how high the water will rise before they choose to leave their homes.

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